"Jeffrey Robinson illuminates the everyday drama of hotel folk. In this feudal society heroes, villains and jesters all paddle furiously while the surface remains serene."
-- Alan Whicker

   The Hotel is a riveting expose of life above and below stairs, an unforgettable adventure into a secret world where the public is never permitted to go. Join the Queen at a £170,000 dinner. Discover which guest once wanted to rent an elephant and which guests are no longer welcome. Meet the men who sneak ladies up to their rooms, and the lady who ditches her boyfriends at the front door. Take a ringside seat at the battle over £30,000 of truffles.

   There are perhaps only a dozen hotels like this one anywhere in the world. There are perhaps only a dozen places that can daily create the illusion that is
The Hotel.

"A delicious confection of anecdotes." -- The Times

"This is what backstage life is like at hotels of this ilk, I haven't seen it done better."  -- Hilary Rubinstein, The Times"Fascinating"  -- Mail on Sunday

"Tantalizing glimpses of how the pampered half lives."  -- Daily Mail

"Robinson is a witty and cynical writer"  -- Sydney Sun Herald

"Simply astounding."  -- Time Out

"Fascinating and insightful"  -- Library Journal

"Armchair travelers will delight."  -- Kirkus Reviews