"A fast paced, yet marvelously complex story."

-- Nelson DeMille

   When an aging missile scientist, Rosov Pietrov, goes missing from his Leningrad home, the Russians order master-spy Andrei Peshky to bring him back. 

   But the Russian signals traffic is intercepted -- first by the British and then by the Americans -- and the message goes out: "Find Pietrov." 

   Paul Bastia, a young army officer, is sent on the mission by the US. While Harry Thornton, owl-lover, and two years from retirement, decides on his own that finding Pietrov first would be ideal the way to crown his British Intelligence career with glory. 

   Berlin in the 1980s is a highly dangerous place to be playing these games, and as all three men descend on a murky and claustrophobic Berlin suburb, mistaken identity and betrayal lead them to a chilling finish.

"It is the style and wit of the dialog that counts here."
-- Irish Times

"I chuckled all the way through this pot-pourri of five star bungling."
-- Manchester Evening News

"Written in the best spy novel tradition, it's a fascinating mix of fact and fiction."
-- BBC Bookworld