The three stages of money laundering from the 1995 BBC-Tv film "The Laundrymen."


Today Programme with John Humphries - BBC Radio 4 - Money Laundering and HSBC/Libor

NPR News - The Arab Spring Dictators and Their Money

BBC-R4 PM Programme with Eddie Mair - New Old Fashioned Bank Robbery

Today Programme with James Naughtie - BBC Radio 4 - Allen Stanford and the Offshore World

For 18 months, from 2014 into the start of 2016, SkyNews in London featured the weekly SkyNews Debate, with Jeffrey Robinson in New York representing the left and Armstrong Williams in Washington representing the right. Hosted by Martin Stanford in London, the three had never been in studio together, until November 2015 when Jeffrey and Armstrong met face to face for the first time. The studio guest was Britain's Alistair Campbell and the subject was the US presidential elections. 

The Wake - A Short Film

THE WAKE - A short film by Jeffrey Robinson. Based on the short story, "In The Wake of Paddy's Bright Idea" by Jeffrey Robinson (c) 1977. Directed by Bob Wilkins. Produced by Steve Lanning for Icewhole.Com. Original screenplay (c) Jeffrey Robinson 2008.

The Panama Papers, with CNN's Richard Quest

Discussing the Secret Service scandal in Cartagena, Colombia with the CBC

"The Merger - The Conglomeration of International Organized Crime" with Shepard Smith Fox News.

Talking about the failure and eventual demise of the pretend-currency bitcoin, with CNN's Richard Quest on Quest Means Business.

So if you wouldn't give a stranger your social security number and your mother's maiden name, why would you give it to someone on the end of an email or unsolicited phone call? Fraud is a two-way street crime. In other words, in order for the fraudster to get to your money, you have to cooperate. You have to give the scammer the information he needs to steal your money. vox pop on the streets of New York.

Defining the term "Money Laundering" from the French-German Arte film, "The Laundrymen."

Reporting on Bernie Madoff's Guilty Plea for BBC News

Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán is one of the major players in what may very well be the world's largest business -- illicit drugs. Fox 5 News business reporter Alison Morris wanted to know if he would be extradited to Brooklyn. 

THE COMMON FACTOR,  a training film by Jeffrey Robinson, produced by the Metropolitan Police Department, London, England for financial investigators.  1997.

Waste paper basket wading, dumpster diving or the lucky dip... fraudsters and conmen know that you are what you throw away. Identity theft is easy when you know how.

Other Arrangements - A Short Film

OTHER ARRANGEMENTS - A short film by Jeffrey Robinson, an original story shot in Spain with friends. Directed by Bob Wilkins. Produced by Steve Lanning for Icewhole.Com. Original screenplay (c) Jeffrey Robinson 2007.