"A warmly funny, richly human novel crammed with great characters and wonderful digressions. It's like going out to dinner with your most entertaining friend and ending up talking till dawn because the company's so good."

Val McDermid

"Jeffrey Robinson is a witty and cynical writer."

Sydney Sun Herald

"Fast, funny and full of wisecracks."

Mail on Sunday


   Vincent Barolo has life just about where he wants it. 

   He's a middle-aged American who lives in London, England, owns 140 different chairs, and eight amateur boxing trophies and three little-hope boxers and one law degree. 

   He keeps his own hours, takes one-third of whatever he collects for his clients, and most of the time manages to pay the majority of his bills. 

  Then, someone he doesn't know sends him £1000 retainer. 

   The next day, the newspapers report that person dead. 

   And little by little, Vincent Barolo's world starts coming unglued. 

   To put it back together again, he finds himself forced to take on the shadowy, big-money game of international patents.

   Exposing the high-stakes, cut-throat race for the elusive FAT-gene, The Monk's Disciples lays bare the extent that men of science will go - in the name of science - to further their own naked ambition.