"A gripping spy thriller." 

-- Richard Condon

   Richard Holbrook's flying career with the US Navy was at risk, and a desk job at London headquarters left him too much time to drink and brood. Following up an odd little discrepancy in the nuclear shipment paperwork becomes a way to keep busy. But when his British opposite number begins to bluff and prevaricate, Holbrook senses danger.

   Small quantities of nuclear materials are unaccounted for. But as soon as he stumbles onto the link between the missing nuclear material and the valuable item of antique porcelain purchased by a Hong Kong bank, he becomes a target.

   If Holbrook can stay alive long enough he may be the only person who can stop the ginger jar reaching its destination.

"Real professionalism in this gripping yarn."
-- Irish Times

"His style is taut, dialog fresh, characters are well fleshed out and, each in his own way, vulnerable."
-- Evening Press